Disabled Ramps

At Go Access we design and build the highest quality home access disabled ramps and disabled steps. Our uniquely designed disabled ramps are ideal for less able walkers, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, prams and pushchair’s.

Simple to install and remove, our modular access ramps and steps fit front and back doorways with no fuss and minimal groundwork. There is typically minimal impact to to the existing steps, utilities and paving material. The modules sit over all existing structures and surfaces and , as a result, minimal effort is needed to return the location to its previous state if and when ramps or steps are removed.

Once assembled, the disabled modular ramps have an attractive and functional look that is hard wearing and extremely slip resistant, the mini mesh decking can even be extended into the doorway for a seamless threshold.

Access ramps & steps can be used off the same platform, or as standalone units with no platform.

Using the Adjusta Ramp unique angled placement feature allows access ramps to avoid obsticles, and fit where no other semi-permanent ramp could.

Adjusta Ramp – Disabled Ramps

Disabled Ramps The Adjusta Ramp is available as a kit delivered to your door for self assembly, or fully fitted by our experienced installers

Benefits of this unique and versatile disabled wheelchair ramp design include:

  • Delivered as a kit for self installation or,
  • Installation is available
  • Access ramps are suitable for permanent or temporary use. Modules are re-usable in different configurations again and again.
  • Installation of modular ramp units allows custom design with regard to slope, length, shape, and number of platforms.
  • Access ramps can be attached to platforms at varying angles, perfect for installing in tight areas or to meet an existing path.
  • Access ramps are easily lengthened or shortened on site and attach to other modules as needed.
  • Handrails can be complete, partial or none depending on requirements.
  • Variable height adjustment on platforms, access ramps and steps.
  • Adjusta Steps can be added or removed after installation.
  • Usually installed or removed in one day.
  • No foundation, or planning permission is generally required.
  • We also provide disabled access doors for wheelchair users.
  • Please contact us to order disabled ramps or modules or for a site evaluation and quote.