Disabled Ramps : Reasons to Go Modular

Disabled ramps come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from economy ramps or threshold ramps, fiberglass or channel-style ramps. There are so many different types of ramp available that it is hard to make the best choice. Go Access are leading supplier in all types of disability ramps, disabled and modular steps, and more. We […]

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Access ramps

Access Ramps : Tips for Accessible Travel

Just because a person suffers from a disability and may be confined to a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean that they should remain cooped up indoors, and thanks to access ramps and other tools and pieces of equipment they won’t have to. The world is becoming increasingly disability-friendly by the day, and because of this, travelling […]

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wheelchair access ramps

Wheelchair Access Ramps : Wheelchair User Tips

Thanks to wheelchair access ramps, wheelchair-friendly facilities, and various other inventions, using a wheelchair these days, is a great deal easier than it was a few decades back. Despite this however, using a manual wheelchair can still be very challenging, especially if you’re fairly new to things. Thanks to wheelchair access ramps, making your way […]

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disability steps

Disability Steps : How to Stay Independent

Disabilities can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways, which is one of the main reasons why disability steps, ramps, wheelchairs, and other safety and mobility devices are so popular. Some people are born with disabilities and mobility issues, whereas others can develop them later on in life, or perhaps due to tragic accidents. […]

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half steps for disabled

Access For All: More Access Ramps And Half Steps For Disabled Tourists

Too frequently, disabled individuals in the UK are told that accommodations and attractions are ‘fully accessible,’ only to later discover that they lack essential features. Take, for example, the experience of journalist and advocate Frances Ryan. When trying to book a trip to Dorset in 2014, she discovered that the supposedly ‘accessible’ hotel she wished […]

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