disability steps

Disability Steps : Helping you Around the Home

Disability steps available from your local mobility aid specialists can help you around the home. Depending on the type of property you live in you may face dozens of obstacles on a daily basis. Two-storey homes are not suitable for mobility-impaired. But, what happens when you are the homeowner and are unwilling to sell? Or […]

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disabled access ramps

Disabled Access Ramps : Should you Buy or Hire

Disabled access ramps are commonly found in all towns. Since the Equality Act was passed, all public access buildings need to provide wheelchair access. If you take a look around your town centre you will find ramps in prominent places like at your local library. Older buildings traditionally have steps to them in the UK. […]

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portable ramps

Portable Ramps for Cars, Caravans, and More

Life in a wheelchair doesn’t need to be dull. There are so many opportunities out there to meet people like you, to go away for holidays, to play sport, and so much more. Booking a UK vacation is even easy, with so many hotels as well as even campsites catering specifically for wheelchair users. Portable […]

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disability ramps

Disability Ramps : Choosing the Correct Design

Disability ramps are required by law for all public access buildings across the UK. The Equality Act ensures that mobility impaired people can get around on public transport, use a cash machine, and shop wherever they choose. So, how do you choose the correct design for your disability ramp? There are strict rules surrounding the […]

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