Mobility Chair Ramps : Considerations and Designs

In the modern world, more and more people are swapping a traditional wheelchair for a mobility scooter. From push wheelchairs to electric chairs to scooters, each new style is bigger and heavier. What this means therefore is that a ramp used for a scooter will need to support the weight of the chair plus passenger and any onboard luggage such as shopping bags. This weight will be a lot more than a traditional wheelchair, even more so for a supersized mobility chair ramps.

So, let’s take a look at what you need to consider when installing a ramp at your home for a relative who has purchased a mobility scooter. If the ramp needs to reach right up to your front door will depend on the actual mobility of your relative. Many people invest in motorized chairs for ease, and can manage a few steps to the front door. In this case, an outdoor half step would be a better investment. But let’s say your relative has no mobility, and will swap her scooter for a wheelchair as soon as enters the home.

mobility chair ramps

Mobility Chair Ramps : Width and Weight Considerations

When installing mobility chair ramps in your home you need to be aware of a few facts. A mobility chair is much wider and heavier than a traditional wheelchair, manual or electric. This means that mobility chair ramps are wider than standard ramps and are built to resist heavier loads. When choosing from the different designs for your ramp, you can choose models that are designed for scooters. This will be advertised as wider and more sturdy.

Of course, if a mobility scooter is going to be a permanent feature at your home, the best method is to have a permanent ramp installed. Once again you will need to think things through. Where will the scooter be parked up, charged, and where will it sit during the night. A charging point will be near to your front door, but you will need a lot of room at the top of your ramp to park a scooter and to maneuver your relative from scooter to chair, or indoors using another method.

A mobility chair ramp needs to be wider than a scooter by more than just a few inches. It should also have safety rails on each side to ensure that accidents can’t happen. Both temporary and permanent ramps use rails to ensure safety. You may also consider installing a grab rail at the top of the ramp that will help your family member with the transfer from scooter to chair.


Installing a mobility scooter ramp is not more difficult than installing a standard wheelchair ramp. But always ensure that the ramp your purchase is designed to take the weight of the scooter plus passenger and luggage. Asides this, always ensure that the ramp has safety rails on at least one side, preferably on both. This will prevent accidents from happening and will stop a scooter from completely falling off the ramp or toppling over.


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