Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp : The Lightweight Ramp Solution

A wheelchair ramp can help you at home, and while you are out in the car with your family. There are so many different designs to choose from it can be confusing. You may need a permanent ramp or a portable one. You might need one that folds up, is telescopic, or one that will fit over the threshold of your home. When it comes to weight, an aluminium wheelchair ramp is the lightest option, yet an option that is sturdy and will stand the test of time.

aluminium wheelchair ramp

Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp : The Lightweight Solution

If you are looking for a portable ramp, then an aluminium wheelchair is the perfect solution. Unlike fixed ramps, they are lightweight and can fold away. A folding and portable wheelchair ramp can be picked up with a carry handle and put in the boot or back of your disability car. Aluminium is waterproof, will not become slippery when wet, and will not rust.

Aluminium is a better choice for a wheelchair ramp than wood, as wood is not waterproof, will get slippery when wet, and will eventually rot when left outside. A concrete ramp may be slip-proof and waterproof, but it certainly is not portable in the way an aluminium one is. A rubber ramp can be waterproof, slip-proof, and will not be slippery when wet. But rubber ramps are generally found only for threshold ramps, and are not folding or portable.

Ramps for Cars and Adapted Vehicles

When adapting your home to ensure that it is fit for a wheelchair user, you need to think outside the boundary of your home. A wheelchair ramp outside is essential for getting in and out of the house. But, what about trips out with the family where you need to get in the car? A fixed ramp cannot be brought with you on trips, and many ramps do not fold or are too heavy to be lifted up by one person. This is why you need to choose an aluminium wheelchair ramp.

A modular design for your wheelchair ramp will ensure that you can use it for more than one situation. Your ramp can be used for getting in and out of the house, and for getting into an adapted vehicle. Folded away in the back of your car, it can then be used in public places where the ramps available are inadequate.

If you are looking for a ramp that is portable and lightweight, choose an aluminium wheelchair ramp. Aluminium may be lightweight, but it is not flimsy and it will support a lot of weight. It will last for years, will not rust, and will be too heavy to move around. Choose a design with a carry handle that fold away, or even a roll-up ramp that can be put down and taken up in just seconds. Having a portable ramp means that your family can enjoy days out and you will not be limited to where you can go or the places that you visit.

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