Disabled Ramps for Steps : All You Need to Know

Most of us take for granted the ease of which we access our homes as well as the businesses that we visit. It is as easy as opening the car door or swinging your legs out, then walking into the building. We never have to worry about the flight of stairs we have to climb or the curb on the pavement. We just maneuver our feet around them. Now think about if you had to use to a wheelchair or a walker. Those simple tasks we take for granted then become very difficult. Just a few steps to get from your house to the outside world could leave you feeling trapped. Thankfully however disabled ramps for steps are here to help you, giving you back the independence you so crave.

Disabled Ramps for Steps

In the UK there are laws and guidelines that businesses have to adhere to concerning mobility and access. Included in these guidelines is the requirement that public places must make sure that all people with special needs are able to access buildings. Once inside the build they should also be able to participate in  all services offered. Included in this is the need for wheelchair ramps for businesses that have only been able to be accessed by stairs in the past. Depending on the entrance to the building in question, disabled ramps for steps may suffice. If there is a lot of steps or a steep gradient, a concrete ramp or a ramp around ramp can provide the necessary access.

Before disabled ramps for steps are installed there are several things to consider. One of these is if your ramp will be for public or private access. Even if you are going to fit a private access ramp, you should only use a DDA compliant supplier and follow the same rules. A badly fitting ramp that is too steep or slippery is worse than no ramp at all. When you use a DDA compliant supplier for your disabled ramps for steps such as Go Access Ltd, all of this will be taken care of for you.

Disabled Ramps for Steps


Once you have planned where your ramp will go, it’s time to get things installed. If your ramp is for a business and you are not sure about style, you could look at other businesses nearby for inspiration. Go Access will take all measurements of your area for you to decide what type of ramp will be best for you. 

When adding a disabled ramp to your premise, it is good to know how things will look on completion. Scale drawings will be made, and you will be able to judge what impact your new ramp will have on the overall look of your building. By using the services of the professionals for design and installation, you can rest assured that your ramp will be legal and will adhere to all guidelines and requirement.s


Disabled ramps for steps come in all shapes and sizes as well as with a wide range of price tags. If you are installing a ramp for private use, you can apply for a grant to help with the costs. These grants are available from your local authority in the same way that you can apply for a disabled vehicle and other things to help you with your disability.

If you are updating your business premise in order to make sure that it adheres with rules and regualtions, you may have to make other alterations asides your wheelchair ramp installation. At the top of your ramp you will need disabled access doors, and inside your premise there will be other things that need doing. These include disabled bathrooms, lowered counters, and seating areas in food establishments that can accomodate wheelchairs. If you are worried about how you will afford all this, once again, talk to your local authorities. There will be a time limit for the work to be carried out, and financial help is also available. Failure to adhere to rules and regulations can mean hefty fines, so whatever your problem it is best to discuss it with your local council.


Go Access Ltd can help you with all your disabiltiy needs. We can help design and fit ramps, steps, disabled access doors, and much more. If you are converting your home or private residence, we can also offer help and advice on what to do to ensure your home is 100% wheelchair safe and friendly. 


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