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accessibility for disabled people

Accessibility for Disabled People in the Workplace

Accessibility for disabled people in the workplace is extremely important. Since the Equality Act was passed, disabled people must be given the same rights to employment as their able-bodied counterparts. This means that an office setup or other workplace must be adapted to their needs. If you currently have no disabled members of staff you […]

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living aids for elderly

Living Aids for Elderly Family Members

Living aids for elderly family members can bring you peace of mind, and they can also ensure your family member lives safely whilst you are not able to watch them. If you have a relative who still lives alone, or who lives in your home, there are some adaptations you can make to ensure they […]

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Home Equipment for Disabled: Make your House Safe

Home equipment for disabled available from Go Access can make your house safe, giving your elderly relative or disabled family member the chance to live an independent life where they will not have to rely on you all the time. Whether you have an elderly relative who is fiercely independent and wants to live alone, or you […]

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planning and access for disabled people

Planning and Access for Disabled People: Queen’s House, Greenwich

In eras past, architects seldom considered planning and access for disabled people, leaving many listed heritage buildings in a completely inaccessible state. This presents a national problem, as it potentially deprives an estimated 20% of the adult population, some 11.7 million people, of the chance to experience many heritage sites. Thankfully with the help of […]

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