Disabled Equipment UK Based : Access Ramps, Steps, and More

Living in the UK as a disabled individual you will have access to funding and grants as well as government allowances. In fact it can be said that disabled equipment UK based is far more readily available than in other European countries. Support is there when you need it most. If you have a family member who will become your carer then they too will get support. Although being physically disabled is never going to be easy, help is always at hand.

In this article we are going to look at some alterations that you can carry out in your home. You may need them for yourself. Or you may need them for a disabled relative who will be coming to stay with you. Funding is available for wheelchair ramps, steps, walking aids, and more. So let’s take a look at two alterations that will make disabled living easier.

Disabled Equipment UK Based

Disabled Equipment UK Based : Wheelchair Access Ramps

First and foremost, if someone in your home uses a wheelchair, disabled equipment UK based companies can provide you with a wheelchair ramp. As long as the person needing the ramp is a permanent resident at the property it is easy to gain funding too. But before you rush ahead, let’s look at the different types of ramps available.

First and foremost. Ramps that go over steps. These are very common and can ensure a wheelchair user can get right up to the front door. Just one step up to the front door can leave someone in a wheelchair housebound. The type of ramp you need for covering steps will depend on how steep the steps are. If they are not steep, then covering over the ramp with concrete is a great way to get a permanent ramp. There are however maximum recommended gradients for wheelchair ramps.

So, what happen if your steps are steep and a simple ramp would be too steep. In this instance you could opt for a modular ramp that would extend out further than the base of the steps. A permanent ramp is also possible, simply adding extra length to the concrete ramp made until it is at the required gradient. If you don’t have enough room in front of your ramp, then a ramp to the side of the stairs is another option, or a wrap around ramp that will circle your home.

Threshold Ramps

So, we have covered how to get to the front door in a wheelchair. But, what about the threshold to get in and out. Just a couple of centimetres will make it impossible to get in and out in a chair. A threshold will be present at your door for a number of reasons, protecting your home from the cold being just one of them. So, the solution here is to add a rubber threshold ramp. These ramps are made of non-slip materials such as rubber and are long lasting and easy to put into place.

Disabled Steps

Once inside the home, there are more disabled equipment UK solutions to ensure safe living. If your relative has impaired mobility, a disabled step with a grab rail is an easy way to allow them to reach up to shelves, or to get in and out of bed. Many elderly people stop sleeping in their own beds for fear of falling or not being able to get up and out of bed in the morning.

Disabled steps and half steps for disabled use can be used in conjunction with a walking frame, or even for wheelchair users. Using a wheelchair whilst out of the house does not necessarily have to mean being confined to a chair once indoors.

Safety Tips for your Home

If you are not used to having a disabled person living with you at home, think of it as having a toddler again. The two really have many similarities. You need to remove hazards from the home such as loose rugs and furniture that will get in the way of a wheelchair. Add safety latches and fittings in your kitchen to make it a safe place for everyone. It is sad but true that as we get older we often forget things. So, if you cook with gas, make sure you turn off the gas at the mains after cooking. Remove heavy items from high up shelves and leave things where they can be reached. With the help and support available in the UK, learning to cope with a disabled relative living with you will be a lot easier.


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