Handicap Ramps : Different Styles and Materials of Wheelchair Ramp

When thinking about investing in handicap ramps and steps, you will have a lot of questions. One of the first questions that people ask is about whether the handicapped ramp should be a permanent or temporary one. Most often we recommend temporary handicapped ramps be installed as they are so much more versatile. Also it could be because the need is  temporary, especially for use at ones home. Many times ramps are built to meet the need for a temporary period of time. An example of this would be  a parent coming to live with you, or a child who breaks their leg. In this case  a stroller is needed as well as easy access in and out of the home. These are all temporary situations and once they have finished, you will no longer have a use for handicap ramps.

Handicap Ramps

Handicap Ramps : Permanant or Temporary

If you need a permanent ramp, then you should think about how aesthetically pleasing it will be. If the person requiring the ramp is going to be living in the home for a long period of time the ramp should be built to blend right in with the home’s exterior. To do so, you could choose wood or metal as the material to build the ramp. However, once your ramp is in place you cannot pick it up and move it. It does not go with you when you leave your house or when you sell your property. This is one of the biggest reason people will choose to install temporary ramps, as you never know how long you will really need them for.


Temporary ramps are made out of lightweight metals. This allows them to be transferred easily from one place to another. Temporary handicapped ramps come in different basic models. The style you choose for your handicapped ramp should be based upon your individual need. Shorter ramps are in general more portable than longer ones; but you can also opt for foldable or telescopic ramps. A modular ramp can also be built in sections, meaning that a longer ramp can easily be changed into a short one. You should be aware that the shorter the ramp the greater the angle from point A to point B. Steep ramps are dangerous, and can also become very slippery. If the ramp is for public access, there are guidelines that must be adhered to.

Threshold Ramps

Another area where you might want to look into temporary handicap access is the threshold with in your home. Threshold handicap ramps are great for getting over barriers that are stopping you getting around in your chair. These are often no more than two to three inches, but can be a big pain for a wheelchair to climb over. For situations such as these it is recommended that you purchase  threshold ramps or a modular portable ramp.

When you choose Go Access Ltd as your supplier of handicap ramps, we can help you choose the material and style of ramp. We will look at your situation, and the gradient that needs to be covered, coming up with the very best solution for your home or other premise.

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