Portable Ramps for Stairs : Why Choose a Modular Approach

There are several different situations where you may require a wheelchair ramp. Some are permanent and others are temporary. Fixed wheelchair ramps and steps are really only the best option when you will need them for a long space of time. If a relative is coming to stay with you for a few weeks you won’t want to spend money on adding a fixed ramp. But, with stairs leading up to your front door you have a problem. This problem can be solved with portable ramps for stairs.

Portable Ramps for Stairs : The Modular Solution

Portable ramps for stairs provide an approach to your problem that is effective and affordable. These ramps for wheelchairs fit over your steps, and are made up of modules to ensure the best fit. It is important that you choose a ramp that can extend, roll out, or is made from separate modules. The reason for this is the angle at which you need the ramp. The steeper your stairs, the more severe the angle would be if you simply rolled out a ramp over them.

Steep ramps are dangerous, and they are illegal in public access buildings. Not only must you provide ramps, but they must be of a certain maximum gradient. At your own home you can do what you want. But, a steep ramp will be almost impossible to use with a manual wheelchair, and it will be dangerous. To ensure that you get the gradient you need, you need modular portable ramps for stairs. By adding an extra module to your ramp you will decrease the gradient. This will work until you run out of space to the front of your property.

portable ramps for stairs

Folding Ramps

Folding ramps are easy to pick up and place down. These two can come in modules, ensuring that you have the right solution for your home, office, or other building. Folding ramps are generally made of lightweight materials that ensure you can pick them up without the need for a second person. A folding ramp will fit in the boot of a car, and this means that you can also use them on the move.

Portable ramps are lightweight for a purpose. They can be picked up and placed down in just minutes. Aluminium is the preferred materials, although you may choose rubber, especially for threshold ramps. Let’s now take a look at threshold ramps.

Threshold Ramps

If your home doesn’t have steps leading up to it, you may think that it is wheelchair friendly. But, take a closer look at your front door and you will normally find a threshold. This will be in place to stop cold air and rain water from coming in from outside. But, it also presents a problem for wheelchair users. Just a few cms is too much when it comes to using a wheelchair. The solution is to invest in a threshold ramp.

Threshold ramps can be laid down on both the outside and inside of your door, and rubber is the usual material of choice for semi permanent to permanent solutions. These ramps are hard wearing and most importantly they don’t become slippery when wet. Once in place they won’t cause any inconvenience and will therefore normally become a permanent fixture in your home.

Public Access

You may require portable access ramps for stairs for a public building. Let’s take an example that you are holding a meeting in a building that has steps up to it. As you will be welcoming the public, you will by law have to provide wheelchair access. A portable solution is a must, as you won’t be leaving your ramp for future visitors. Once again, a modular approach is an excellent choice, as you can use as many or as little modules as required to obtain the correct gradient. When you invest in your ramp from your DDA compliant supplier, ensure to ask about the gradient that is required by law.

These are just a few reasons why you may be looking to invest in portable wheelchair ramps. When you choose modular or folding ramps, you can use them in any situation. The same ramp you use at your home can be used at an office, a holiday home, or even for getting in and out of a caravan. Lightweight ramps can travel with you on the move, making them an excellent choice all round.


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