Removable Wheelchair Ramp : For Businesses on the Move

Not all businesses have a fixed address. In fact many people no longer have a physical address for their business at all, working out of their own homes. So, let’s take an example that you are a business that offers it services at events such as tradeshows and local fairs. You will have no doubt come across some premises to hire that are perfect in all ways except one; they are missing disabled access. The solution you need here is a removable wheelchair ramp.

All public access buildings need to provide disabled entrance facilities. As the owner of a business renting a premise for a day or for a week, it is up to you to provide a removable wheelchair ramp. Why you may ask? Well, simply put the owner of the premise does not need to put a permanent ramp down if he does not use it for public access. So, let’s say you have found the perfect place to rent to make a demonstration for your new product or an informal meeting for your business, and you need wheelchair access.

Removable Wheelchair Ramp

Removable Wheelchair Ramp : Modular, Telescopic, or Folding

When purchasing a removable wheelchair ramp you will notice that they are many different varieties on offer. Some are foldable, other telescopic, and others made of modules. All should be small enough to fit in the boot of a van or large car, and they should all be lightweight. When you choose a lightweight ramp it will only take one person to put down or take up your access ramp, making light work of things if you are going to be alone.

One of the best designs for a temporary disabled ramp is a modular type ramp. This is because they provide the most flexible approach. They won’t simply fold out over steps, and you can add or remove modules until you find the best gradient. If you are unsure of what gradient should be used for your wheelchair access, consult your DDA compliant supplier. If an accident happens due to a ramp being too steep, you could face a fine and even a court hearing.


If you are looking for a lightweight solution that is easy to fold or roll up on your own, then aluminium is a great choice for your wheelchair ramp. Aluminium does not rust, will last for years, and is strong enough so that it won’t get dented easily. Other materials for ramps such as wood or concrete are more commonly used for permanent ramps. Rubber is usually the material of choice for threshold ramps.

A removable wheelchair ramp is a great piece of kit to have if you are a business on the move. When you always carry a ramp with you there will be no need to worry about premises that don’t have the wheelchair access you require. Remember that if you are going to welcome members of the public into a premise for a talk or demonstration, it is your responsibility to provide disabled facilities. These include not just ramps, but disabled bathrooms and steps too.


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