Disability Support UK : A Look at What’s On Offer

Disability support UK is far better than in most countries across Europe if not across the world. The UK is one of very few companies that has things like housing benefit and tax credits. As a disabled person you will be able to access financial help as well as emotional support. The main benefits for the disabled are Disabled Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, and Employment and Support Allowance. To find out which you qualify for simply attend your local jobcentre. Depending on your personal circumstances you may also be able to claim for industrial injuries, or for working tax credits.

Disability Support UK : Getting About

As a disabled person it is very important not to feel trapped in your home. A wheelchair ramp is a must, as is a disabled vehicle if you drive. Adapted vehicles can be applied for with the help of the mobility scheme. If you drive, you will have access Blue Badge parking, and you will be exempt from paying car tax. If you rely on public transport then you can get a disabled persons railcard or bus pass.

Disability Support UK


As we mentioned before, when it comes to disability support UK nationals are very lucky. Housing that is appropriate to your needs will be found for you, and if you are on a low income, your rent and council tax will  be covered for you. If you wish to buy your own home, help is available that will allow you to purchase affordable and suitable housing.


Being disabled does not mean you cannot work. In the UK you can get help finding suitable employment as well as supplementary benefits if you are on a low income. These include income support and tax credits. The Access to work scheme can help you find suitable employment.

Disabled Children

Of course it may not be you or an elderly relative who needs disability support in the UK. You may have a child who is disabled. In this case you can receive DLA for your child as well as additional finance to help you with the strain of looking after a disabled minor. A carers allowance is also payable if you are looking after someone disabled, of any age. If you are unable to work as you care for a disabled person, your National Insurance contributions will be paid for you so that you will still be entitled to a pension when you reach retirement age.

These are just a few of the things that are in place in the UK to help disabled people live a full life. For more information on benefits, make an appointment at your local jobcentre. For more advice, look online at government websites to see just exactly what you are entitled to. You will find that grants and finance are available for home adaptations as well as for buying a vehicle or even a house. Local community support is also widely available from your Citizens advice bureau, as well as many local charities. Remember, you are not alone and that help is there for you.


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