Portable Steps for Elderly People For Home Use

As we get older, our mobility decreases. Things that were once easy to accomplish are now trickier than ever. Reaching up to the top shelf or even getting in an out of bed. We shrink as we get older, our knees no longer bend in the way they did when we were young. Our homes become an obstacle course in the same way as when we were toddlers. If you have an older family member who lives alone, portable steps for elderly people can provide them with the independence they crave.

Portable Steps for Elderly

Portable Steps for Elderly People at Home

So, let’s take a look at what your portable steps for elderly people can be used for around the home. In this article we are going to concentrate on the inside of your home. For gardens and outdoor areas, invest in a half step for the elderly.

Let’s start downstairs and in the kitchen. As your relative gets older she will also lose a lot of strength. This means that turning on the taps can become tricky or lifting things down from the cupboard. Where at all possible, make sure that everything is accessible on lower shelves. Also, do not store heavy plates high up. To ensure that your family member can reach what he needs, leave a portable step in the kitchen.

Types of Portable Steps

You will find a wide variety of steps to choose from. Some will come with grab rails and handles, and others will resemble the step stool you used as a small child. Steps for grab rails are recommended, and your chosen device should always be weighted at the bottom to prevent it from tipping over. Make sure that the step is wide enough to be used with a walker or frame if your parents uses one to get about.

Bathroom and Bedroom

If your relative lives in a two storey home, it’s a good idea to have one portable step upstairs and one downstairs. Upstairs your step will come in hand both in the bathroom and in the bedroom. In the bathroom, a step can be used to reach things from the bathroom cabinet, or to get in and out of the bath. Where at all possible, swap your standard tub for a walk in shower. If this is not possible, encourage your relative to only take a bath when they are not alone. Many accidents happen in the bathroom including slips, falls, and drownings.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the bedroom. Here, the bed that once looked like a normal bed may now look like a mountain that needs climbing. If your relative is not comfortable with getting up and down from bed she may opt to sleep in her chair downstairs. A step stool by the side of the bed can ensure that getting in and out of bed is no longer a chore. With a grab rail, your portable step can also be used when sitting up in bed. Ensure once again that the step of your choice is weighted and that it cannot topple over when weight is put on only one side of it.


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