Step Stool With Handle : For Safe Family Homes

As a child you may have used a step stool to reach the wash basin or toilet seat. As we get older, we once again need help reaching things that are high up including our own bed. When we age we don’t only shrink; we also lose our elasticity. Our knees don’t bend and we cannot reach up with our arms like we used to do. A step stool with handles grips the therefore the perfect investment for the family home where an elderly relative is living.

There are many areas of the home which will become hazardous with an elderly family member. Once again  you can remember your own childhood or when your children were young to understand where they are. The kitchen and the bathroom become danger zones, as does the front door step, and any stairs leading up to upper floors of your home. So, let’s take a look, room by room, at how a step stool with handle grips can help.

step stool with handle

Step Stool With Handle Grips : For Safe Kitchens and Bathroom

The kitchen is a hazardous place. Especially if you cook with gas. Your elderly relative may become forgetful and turn on the gas, or spill boiling water from a kettle because he can’t reach the back of the service. He may smash plates that were on a high up shelf. A step stool can help your kitchen be safer. Used in conjunction with other safety aids for your cooker, kettle, and other appliances it can help you relative retain some independence in the kitchen. Making a cup of tea or heating something in the microwave should no longer be dangerous.

Moving onto the bathroom, with age, getting in and out of the bath becomes increasingly difficult. A step stool and some grab rails can help here, if converting your bathroom to a wetroom is not possible. The bedroom can also provide challenges for your relative. Getting in and out of bed can become a struggle, and one that can be avoided if you have a solid step stool with handles by the side of the bed.


If your relative used to love going out into the garden but now cannot due to steps that can be dangerous or slippery, a step stool or outdoor half step can really help. Being outdoors and pottering around in the garden are safe for your relative, providing that getting outside is not a real obstacle course.

A step stool with handles can be moved around the house as and when necessary. If you live in a two storey home, you may like to invest in two steps, one for the kitchen and one upstairs for the bedroom and bathroom. A stair lift can also provide you with much needed peace of mind when it comes to living with an elderly relative with limited mobility. Your retirement years should be enjoyable, so make sure any relative who comes to live with you can live safely and without fear, both inside and outside of the home.


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